Starlight Lined Linen Robe

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Lined linen robe in a black pattern with tan organic cotton lining.

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The printed version of our beloved lined linen robe, lined with super soft 100% organic cotton double-gauze. That’s the same stuff baby blankets are made of! The Starlight Robe has a black background with small shapes reminiscent of constellations. All natural fibers!


The extra wide belt is attached at the back so no fussing with belt hoops.
Elegant silhouette, never bulky.
The in-seem pockets are deep, easily holding your phone with no risk of it slipping out.
The sleeves end slightly above the wrist and can be rolled up, if desired.
Linen is warm, natural, and breathable keeping you comfortable, even if you run hot.
Cotton double-gauze is one of the softest fabrics against bare skin.
Made of all natural fibers, the best choice for your skin.

Designed and sewn in Calgary, Canada.
Free regular shipping within Canada.

People who have invested in our lined linen robe absolutely love them. We have even had our clients report that they wear them out over pants or jeans and a T-shirt!


  • Machine washable
  • Tumble dry up to 15 minutes maximum. Lay flat or hang to finish drying.
  • Can be ironed to sharpen the look.

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3 reviews for Starlight Lined Linen Robe

  1. Millie

    I got this robe for my birthday from my dear friend and today is a first day that I put it on, and it feels like a hug, soft and cozy.

    • affinefibers

      I am so happy to hear that you like the feel of it – thank you for commenting!

  2. Donna Ulrich

    I received my robe from my son at Christmas. It was a wonderful surprise. I LOVE it! I wear it every morning and sometimes all day. It is beautiful, warm and does feel like a warm hug. Everyone should have one of these robes.

  3. Jessica L

    I have been wearing my robe through the summer to winter. And I just realized how cozy the fabric could breathe through my skin through the seasons!!! Many thanks!

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