Real clothes on real people

Indulge in our stylish and comfortable clothing collection. See our natural fiber clothing on real people to get a firsthand impression of how great it looks and feels. We meticulously choose proven fabrics that have been used to clothe humans for thousands of years, ensuring durability and comfort. With our comfortable designs and natural fabrics, you’ll not only look fashionable but also feel great in our clothes. Embrace the essence of comfort and style with our clothing collection!

All natural fibers, no sugar added.

Pale blue natural fiber linen robe on a model getting ready for the day.
Pale blue natural fiber linen robe on a model  looking out the bedroom window.

Linen Robes

The ultimate luxury is in our linen robes, exquisitely crafted to elevate your experience. What sets our robes apart is their exquisite lining – made from sumptuous organic cotton double gauze, the same incredibly soft material used in baby blankets. The attention to detail is unparalleled, with deep pockets that securely hold your phone, so you can move with ease and confidence. Our robes are not just for lounging, they also double as a sophisticated dressing robe or a chic pool cover-up. Experience the opulence of our linen robes, a true embodiment of elegance and comfort.

Organic Cotton

We are committed to using only natural fibers in our garments, so you can be sure that you won’t find any plastics-based fabrics in our products. This ensures that you are wearing the most beneficial and comfortable options available.

Purple organic cotton t-shirt on a model looking out a window.
Orange natural fiber organic cotton t-shirt on a model feeling great.

Our T-shirts are exclusively crafted from organic cotton, ensuring unmatched softness and breathability. What truly sets them apart is not only the use of organic cotton, but also our unique garment dyeing and finishing process that makes each one unique.

Experience the softness, breathability, and craftsmanship of our organic cotton T-shirts, and elevate your wardrobe.

Made in Canada

Our clothing is crafted using imported fabrics and manufactured right here in Canada, which helps support the local economy and community. By producing our garments locally, we actively contribute to the growth of the Canadian textile industry, create jobs, and uphold high standards of employment in Canada. This not only promotes economic prosperity, but also strengthens our community.

Peach colored organic cotton t-shirt on a model from back view.
Men's natural fiber linen shorts in teal on a model with a shopping bag.

Men’s linen shorts

Timeless style and unbeatable comfort are found in our men’s linen board shorts. Crafted with the finest quality materials, these shorts are designed to keep you feeling comfortable and looking stylish all day long. The classic yet modern design is accentuated by the charming vintage buttons that add a touch of sophistication to your beach or poolside look.

Made with breathable linen fabric, these board shorts are perfect for those hot summer days, allowing you to stay cool and comfortable without sacrificing style. The deep pockets provide ample space to securely carry your phone, while the back pocket is equipped with a button for added security.

These board shorts are machine washable, making them easy to care for. A must-have addition to any summer wardrobe for those who appreciate quality and individuality.

Linen scarves

We take pride in our linen scarves that only get softer with each use and wash. Perfect for all seasons due to their lightweight and breathable nature, they are also travel-friendly. They pack up small and light, making them ideal companions for our fellow travelers. Moreover, these scarves are convenient cover-ups for bare shoulders when entering temples and churches, making them both practical and stylish.

Navy blue natural fiber Linen scarf on a model laughing and covering her eyes.
Unique color block natural fiber linen scarf in navy, pink and cream on a hanger.

We produce stylish and practical natural fiber clothing in small quantities to avoid overproduction and waste. We prioritize responsible production by reclaiming leftover fabric and repurposing it for smaller projects or donating it to other makers.

Need small fabric pieces? Contact us!