• Short Linen Shirt Dress

    Short Linen Shirt Dress

    100% linen dress proudly made in Canada.

  • Short Silk Shirt Dress

    Short Silk Shirt Dress

    Beautiful raw silk dress proudly made in Canada.

  • Men’s Linen Board Shorts

    Men’s Linen Board Shorts

    Introducing Affine Men’s Linen Shorts: Elevate Your Style, Comfort, and Confidence! Are you ready to experience a new level of fashion-forward comfort and ease? Look no further than Affine Men’s Linen Shorts. Meticulously crafted, these shorts are more than just a piece of clothing – they’re a statement of your discerning taste. Our shorts seamlessly…

  • Merino Raglan Shirt

    Merino Raglan Shirt

    Super soft 100% merino wool raglan shirt, proudly made in Canada.

  • Starlight Lined Linen Robe

    Starlight Lined Linen Robe

    Lined linen robe in a black pattern with tan organic cotton lining.

  • Lined Linen Robes – Solid

    Lined Linen Robes – Solid

    Lined linen robe in a solid color. Proudly made in Canada.

  • Organic Cotton Tee

    Organic Cotton Tee

    Introducing our exceptional Organic Cotton Tee collection, where each piece undergoes a journey of artisanal craftsmanship, including garment dyeing, planned cutting, meticulous hand-stitching, and embroidery. Uniquely designed for a relaxed fit, our Men’s style cut shirt sets itself apart from the typical fitted T-shirt. Crafted from the finest imported organic cotton jersey, we prioritize your…

  • Hand-Printed Linen Scarf

    Hand-Printed Linen Scarf

    An essential for any season is our hand-printed linen scarf. Made of soft, lightweight 100% linen this scarf is compact taking up almost no space in your bag. It’s an essential to have along for any journey.  Here are some of our favorite uses: bring it in your bag to cover your shoulders when visiting…

  • Linen Scarf

    Linen Scarf

    Introducing our exquisite Lightweight Linen Scarf, made from a lightweight 100% linen. A practical “take it everywhere” piece which adds breathable warmth on chilly days and a barrier to the scorching sun on hot ones. Perfect creating an effortlessly chic look, simply fold it in half lengthwise for a cozy accessory complementing any outfit. Our…

  • Aromatic Cedar Tags (2 pack)

    Aromatic Cedar Tags (2 pack)

    Aromatic Cedar tags for hanging in your closet or placing in your drawer. Used to add a subtle cedar scent, repel insects and absorb moisture. Made by hand in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Makes a great addition to a gift.